What are your hours?

8-to-8 listeners are available to take calls at 860-685-7789 (campus ext. 7789) from 7pm until 7am, every day of the week. They are available to chat through this stugroup.wesleyan.edu site from 7pm until 2am, every day of the week.

Who are you?

We are current Wesleyan students who undergo an intensive training process to provide a non-directive, listening ear.

Why aren’t you giving me advice?

The philosophy of 8-to-8 is that the way we can best help you is by listening supportively, and helping you to reach your own conclusions.

What services does 8-to-8 provide?

The members of 8-to-8 are available to listen and offer thoughtful questions regarding any topic you want to talk about. We can also provide information and referrals.

How does it work?

You talk, we listen! Call us between 7pm and 7am any night, (or log on to our chat between 7pm and 2 am) and someone will be there to hear whatever you have to say, while providing thoughtful, non-directive questions to help you think.

Is there any way for you to tell who I am?

We are a completely anonymous service. We have no way of knowing your identity, unless you directly tell us.

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